Make Windows 8 Backup In Few Easy Steps

Windows 8! It is another new launch of Microsoft to speedup computers, which can complete routine and special tasks more efficiently and with less time than before. It was released for general availability to all computer and laptop users on October 26, 2012. Since that time, a huge number of customers globally have started to advance up their desktops and laptops to Windows 8 operating system (OS).
Microsoft did it actually by having the expectation to build the base of more satisfied customers for their offerings as Apple has eaten up the large customer base with their new software & apps. Evidently, this new operating system really performs adequate with more awe-inspiring and significant changes being introduced through it. To give expert experience to users some old features are removed from it, including DVD playback utility. Most importantly its main interface appearance is now totally different from the prior versions it had in old Windows. The brought changes in OS eventually result into a non-user-friendly OS experience because many people find Windows 8 a little difficult in use but it is now faster than ever. However, if you’re looking to downgrade your Windows 8 computer Neon Computers can help.
Well! In precision to above non-user-friendly fact, if you are the one who has recently upgraded system to Windows 8 then you are in dire need of some time to get familiar with it. Due to unfamiliarity with new OS of Windows 8, there are high chances that you may make the mistake to crash the system erroneously. So building up a system backup for your Windows 8 is a right option for you as it can easily recover the system when it suddenly crashes and you fear the loss of your important data.
Do you know how to make the backup? Just follow the step by step tutorial below:
Step # 1
In first step you are require to simply open the start screen on your laptop or desktop and enter (Windows 7 file recovery). After it, this option will be appearing under settings category, when you will click a file will open with the name of Windows 7 File Recovery.
Step #2
Now in 2nd step you are required to click on the button named as “Create a system image”, It appears on the left side of your window. After it there will be a new window which pops up in order to confirm from you where you want to save your backup to have access over it in future.
For doing so adequately you get three choices here; save the backup onto
1. Hard disk         2. DVD        3. Network Location
Step # 3
Once you have chosen the location to save your data on your system or anywhere from above options click the “Next” button.
Step # 4
Clicking the next option, will lead you to the confirmation window you need to click on start backup here and you begin with the process. After it you need to create a system repair disk and here you end taking backup task.
It is a simple and easy task so make sure you do it now!

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