Five Tips For Prolonging Laptop Battery Life

Laptops! Very useful devices which make it possible for you to do your personal computing anywhere in the world and anytime. However, it actually comes with a price attached to it. It is quite evident that your unplugged usage of laptop is seriously restricted by the life of it and most importantly its battery unless you do not have the handy wall socket nearby. A normal laptop battery hardly gives you more than an hour to use if you are listening to tunes, if you are watching movies or even if playing games on it. These activities drain your battery like in minutes. Most of the people have overcome this shortcoming of battery life of their laptops by purchasing the extra batteries and more precisely the external power sources. However, these are always the pricey options which can eat up your budgets. A number of simple ways you can utilize to improve your laptop batteries so that you may have more running time.

1. Use the Power Management Options:

There is a power management option in Windows, which is also known as Power Options. It is a great way to drain less battery power and add more time to your running time between charges doses. These power options provide you the ultimate ability to control all of your hardware activities. Moreover it sets sleep and hybrid sleep options as well for you and take very advanced measures overcome power shortage issues. Vista is the new windows OS and it gives you much more control over how your laptop battery will be used than its old Windows OS. On contrary the old Windows XP also provides you the comprehensive and easy ways to save battery power of your laptop.

2. Files remove all USB devices:

Yes! The truth with USB devices is that USB storage devices drain your laptop battery. USB storage devices, a USB mouse and even if you use a wireless adapter your laptop requires a large amount of your battery to remain active and run your programs. In order to use your battery for longer, remove all unused USB devices from your Laptop.

3. Keep your DVD/CD player empty:

Listening songs from CD player or watching DVD is basically one of the major cause of laptop battery drainage. Plenty of mechanical processes occur to spin the disk in your CD/DVD drive and to keep these drives empty by copying the movies and songs to your hard drive you can make your laptop battery life really long.

4. Turn off Your Wireless Adapter:

There is a built in wireless adapter which is really a handy piece of hardware and as a common rule of thumb all your laptop hardware needs battery power. To maintain your battery the wireless adapter should be turned off when you do not use it. If in case the wireless adapter can’t be turned off easily or you can’t do it with a physical button just simply use the Power Options.

5. Simply Increase Your RAM:

All we know that the Ram in our Laptops acts as temporary storage for data. This consumes a great part of your computer, CPU and hard disk as well. The increased Ram makes it quite easy and possible to use less processing power and it also reduces the need to constantly read data off your hard disk. Which in actual reduces the amount of battery power consumed.

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Computer For College 101

Computers are requirement of every age group. There is no general consensus regarding at what age to buy your kids their first laptop just like there is no disagreement about the importance of a laptop in college life. The hectic routine of lecture, assignments, presentations and assessments need hot foamy cups of coffee and a personal computer. That makes buying a computer for college an important investment, it should be chosen wisely because it’s a companion for the entire college life. Make a list of all things you want and always dreamed of having in your laptop; quad core processor, graphic processor and touchscreen then crush the list and throw it out and go for what you will need from your laptop in your education.

Extensive Battery Life: The advantage of laptop lies in its mobility constant need to plug it for charging converts it into desktop. Long battery life not only ensures better life of laptop but it also makes it easier to work for longer hours without interruption especially when student is on campus working for the entire day.

Hard Drive: You will need a laptop with good hard drive as you will need to store all the files, notes and videos in it. Normally 200 to 250 GB hard drive proves to be sufficient but some might require more space so they should choose according to their academic needs. External hard drive is also advisable for portability and backup purposes.

Size Does Matter: Offices allow chair and desk to place laptop neatly but for college students laptop is used literally to its name and is found mostly on lap. It also needs to be carried around classes along with books which can be difficult if it weighs more than 5 pounds. Having a proper bag which is easy to shoulders is also important.

Keyboard and Screen Size: Keyboard should have big easy keys and backlit if possible, the smoother the keyboard the better relationship with your laptop. Go for a good sized key board so you can type easily on it without errors. Same goes with screen size large screen means more option for multitasking. Normal screen sizes are 13 to 15 inch but students with subjects like photography, graphic design, multimedia and film making will require 17 inch screen to work.

Long Term Investment: Keep your purchase into your budget but also make it worth all the money. It’s better to have a good quality laptop even if it is slightly expensive that will last longer than the one who sucks up more money on repair. Purchasing extended warranty can be helpful if it covers all the computer repairs.

Optical CD and DVD drives: Laptop has big advantage over notebooks as they offer CD and DVD drives. Many college books come in CDs and they are also source of many software installations. Other than that multiple USB ports can be a cool option and will assist in multi taking as they will connect to printers, hard drives, cameras and IPod at the same time.

Academic investment is a good thing but one can go for web cam, wireless and attractive design without compromising other features. College, Cappuccino and Computer!

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Seven Best Laptop Practices

Laptop is not just a machine equipped with connectivity, storage and competence with constant use it becomes more than an investment. It shares you memories with you when you save your photos and videos in it. It becomes your companion due to all the assistance it gives and it turns into an entertainer when it brightens your day with its glowing LCD screen. The laptop is not a cheap product but it does not stop people from spilling drinks, instant noodles on it or dropping it on the floor that may lead to a costly computer repair . A man took extra care of his laptop and stored it in oven to keep it safe from burglars unfortunately his wife came home early and started cooking. Following are some top tips for ensuring long life of laptops.

Place it on Hard Surfaces: Soft surfaces like bed or cushions block ventilation holes at the bottom of the laptop as a result laptop cannot breathe air for cooling. This suffocation results in high temperature inside the laptop and reduces laptop’s life. The dirt on bed can also be sucked up in the laptop and can block the fan.

Active Antivirus: Precaution is always better then correction. Antivirus software can be easily downloaded and they help like white blood cells for laptop increasing its natural defense against viruses that can corrupt the computer and deform its functioning.

Keep Food Away From Laptops: It is visible in many cases that people do not want to be separated from their laptops. They work with them, sleep with them and eat with them. But this eating and drinking with laptop can decrease your overall relation with your laptop because one coffee spill on desktop requires generic replacement and spill on keyboard can ruin motherboard. In result of eating over it crumbs can go down the keys and invite insects inside laptop. It also damage circuitry and makes it look filthy.

Lift Laptop by base: It is suitable to lift and hold laptops from base rather than screen or from the middle part because direct pressure can lead to scratches.

Temperature aware: Extreme temperature or frequent change in temperature can be harmful for laptops. When enter indoor from an open space in winters let the laptop cool down to room temperature to protect disk drive from condensation. Also avoid direct heat from sunlight.

Battery Conscious: Nothing can move a lazy person faster than the battery low warning of laptop. Battery is the most common and frequent problem of laptops. Lithium batteries wear out no matter what but with care the harm can be postponed. Do not keep your laptop on charge all time nor avoid the battery low sign as it will result in sudden shut down. Drain laptop charger at least once a month.

Use Laptop Bag: Proper laptop case is very important. It keeps it secure and protected from all the menace traveling can bring.

Taking care of things around you is a responsibility and handling with care shows your respect towards facilities in life.

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Need To Know When Buying Laptops

Modern laptop features run the gamut from small, simple, no-frills notebooks to large-screen, feature-rich desktop replacement systems. The trick is to find the right laptop for your needs without breaking the budget. It’s really all about features, so start with basic computing capabilities, and then look at some attractive business features. There are four main elements to any computer: the processor, memory, display, and storage capacity. For some users, portability is also a make-or-break consideration. Computer repair


A modern laptop processor includes two or four cores. This multiplies the laptop’s computing power if you have applications that can take advantage of the cores. Both Intel and AMD processors are excellent choices. Look for Intel Core i3 processors as a minimum, though Core i5 models are preferred. Laptops with Core i7 processors are best and may be found in high-end systems. On the AMD side, a business can consider AMD A-series and Athlon II X2 processors, while more sophisticated processors like the AMD Phenom II quad core will drive up the laptop’s price.


Almost every laptop manufactured today includes DDR3 (double data rate 3 memory), so it’s just a matter of picking the right amount. A good rule of thumb is to treat 4GB as a minimum; that’s plenty to run Windows 7 and several business applications simultaneously. You can get away with as little as 2GB of memory, but don’t expect peak performance, especially when engaging in memory-intensive tasks. Laptops with 8GB may fill the need for memory-intensive tasks like CAD, but expect to pay a premium.


The size and resolution of the laptop display is a big differentiator in price. Systems with 15.6-inch low resolution displays are quite inexpensive. But consider spending more to move up to 900p (or even 1080p) displays. High-definition resolutions will be essential if you want to impress clients with high-definition video clips and other media-rich presentations. Displays at 17 inches will boost the system price, but a large display may be helpful for multitasking users. Generally, business users won’t need laptops that have high-end video cards).


You can find plenty of entry and mid-level laptops with hard drives ranging from 250GB to 320GB, which is plenty of space for many users. Larger drives might be better for storage-intensive tasks like video editing, but expect to pay a bit more for the additional storage.

HDMI output

An HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port will connect a laptop to a digital television. This offers a better-quality picture than conventional analog video cables, and is a great feature for sharing crystal-clear HD video and other media with clients on their HDTV.

Wireless Connectivity

Mobility requires wireless connectivity, and almost every laptop includes a standard 802.11g/n wireless adapter. But some mid-range business class laptops also provide additional high-speed communications capabilities such as built-in 4G mobile broadband, which can connect you anywhere there is cellular service available. This is an important feature for road warriors who need to be connected even when away from the SOHO’s wireless broadband router.

Memory Card Reader

Laptops may incorporate one or more memory card readers that support a variety of memory card formats such SD Secure Digital). This is a great feature for users who work with digital cameras.


The inclusion of a webcam and microphone (usually atop the laptop’s display panel) is not new, but business users are now engaging in video conferences regularly. These features have a new emphasis on business laptops, and businesses can find webcams ranging from simple models to high-resolution 2.0-megapixel devices.

Security Features

Business information is sensitive and increasingly guarded by regulatory protections. This means laptop users need to demonstrate care and diligence to protect that data from theft. Some laptops incorporate biometric fingerprint readers or match the webcam with software to provide basic user facial recognition in addition to other laptop logon credentials.


The introduction of USB 3.0 provides transmission speeds to 5Gbps, which is much faster than USB 2.0. This can benefit business users that routinely work with high-speed peripheral devices such as video cameras and external mass storage devices. USB 3.0 is also backward-compatible with USB 2.0 devices.


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