What If My Computer Won’t Turn On?

1 Start by making sure that you pressed the Power button. (Make sure you’ve pressed the Power button on your monitor, too.) The Power button typically has an icon that resembles a circle with a vertical line at the top.

2 If you have a desktop, unplug the power cable from your PC (and the wall outlet) and then plug it back in. A loose cable is usually to blame for a PC that won’t start. If the power cable isn’t the problem, look for a switch near the cable at the back of the PC. Some computer power supplies have a switch that can be flipped to cut off power. Flip the switch and then press the Power button again.

3 If you have a laptop, start by reseating the battery. If the battery isn’t firmly locked into place, it may not provide any power to the laptop. If this doesn’t solve the problem, connect the laptop to the wall outlet and let the battery fully charge.

If all that doesn’t solve your problem, let us troubleshoot your PC or laptop for power issues or DC jack repair!

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