Thinks To Do When Computer Is On But The Screen Blank?

Do the basics:

1 Unplug the monitor’s power cable from the monitor (and the wall outlet) and then plug the cable back in. Also, make sure the video cable is firmly connected to your computer and the monitor. Reconnect any unplugged or loose cables.

2 Is there a small colored light illuminated in the corner of your monitor? If not, push the Power button. Locate the Power icon, which looks like a circle with a line protruding from the top of it.

3 Open the monitor’s Brightness Settings. To do so, find the button on the front of the monitor that has an icon that resembles a light bulb or sun. Push it to see if the brightness level is set to a dim level. Increase the brightness to a comfortable level for your eyes.

4 Your PC might be in Sleep or Hibernation mode. To “wake” it and view your desktop, try pressing the ENTER key, moving your mouse, and pressing the Power button.
If all that doesn’t solve your problem, let us troubleshoot your PC or laptop for video issues or laptop screen repair!

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