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The most basic configuration of Apple’s Mac Pro includes a quad-core Intel Xeon processor that runs at 2.8GHz, while 6-core, 8-core, and 12-core options are also available. Graphics professionals will also like the capabilities of AMD’s Radeon HD graphics cards, as two of the cards can provide connectivity for up to six monitors. The Mac Pro runs Mac OS X.

All repairs are done after we have your approval. Our Technicians are knowledgeable and experienced, and have been trained to protect your privacy during the repair process. You can be sure all your data, and your computer will be safe with us.

Operating System Installation
We can wipe your Mac Pro clean and start fresh. We’ll re-install your current operating system and do all the system updates.

Hard Drives Replacement
If you’d like to upgrade your existing hard drive we can easily clone everything from your smaller drive to a larger one. Upon completion your Mac Pro will be exactly the same as it was with the original drive only with more capacity.

If your Mac Pro is not booting up, stays stuck on the spinning wheel, is flashing a question mark or is making a clicking or grinding noise they your hard drive is most likely failing.

Logic Board Repair
Motherboard replacements are often expensive and time consuming repairs. Replacing an entire Mac Pro logic board can often run above $1500. Neon Computers can fix the motherboard rather than simply replacing it – this often cuts the cost of the repair by as much as 50%. If your Mac Pro is not powering on, crashes randomly, overheats, shuts off randomly, freezes, won’t detect USB or Firewire ports, kernel panics or otherwise just acts strange it usually indicates a problem with the motherboard.

Data Recovery Service
If you’re getting a flashing question mark, stuck on the spinning apple wheel or your laptop is making clicking or grind noise then read this sentence then shut your computer off; these are all signs the drive is failing – stop using your computer immediately and bring it into us.  The more you use your computer the greater chance of losing all your data; simply bring the computer to us and we’ll provide you with an exact quote on how much it will cost to recover your data.

Password Reset
If you forgot the password to your Mac Pro or for some reason you can no longer login to your account don’t worry, we can clear the passwords.

Memory Upgrades
Memory upgrades are the most inexpensive way to quickly boost the performance of your Mac.

Power Supply Replacement
Is your Mac Pro not turning on anymore? We can help.

Mac Pro Repair Service

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