Custom Computer Builds

Here are a few core components and our recommendations that can make the most difference in price and performance when you build a computer with us. Here’s a handy table that lists the performance components of a custom computer configuration. Updated 3/12/2016!

Featured Custom Computer Builds

Custom Computer Builds

Unlock the power of the Core™ i7

Intel’s Core i7 series processors are speedy and extremely popular in our custom built computers.

intel core i7

The rise of importance of the graphics card

The GPU is becoming more and more important for everyday tasks including video streaming,

editing and playback!

 Gaming Graphic Cards

Solid state hard drives (SSD)

Your computer’s hard drive has a tremendous impact on the responsiveness of your PC,

and often could be the slowest component in your computer system!

Solid State Drives SSD


You can never have too much memory, but the key is to get enough RAM

so it will not be a bottleneck for your PC.

Computer RAM memory

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