Laptop Water Damage Repair Las Vegas

There is no “typical case” for liquid/water damage repairs. Sometimes we only need to replace the keyboard, other times the liquid can damage the motherboard. But whatever the case, our technicians are very skilled at reviving liquid damaged computers, or getting your precious data back, if it’s too late for the laptop.

It’s important to note that if your laptop gets wet, time is of the essence. You must turn it off, unplug it, and remove the battery at once. Every second counts. Next, follow our tutorial.

After Spilling Liquid On Your Laptop:

Want a quick, easy fix for liquid spills? Sorry, there isn’t one. It’s a silent killer of electronics as well because it sometimes takes it time: liquid spilled today may take days, weeks, or months for the damage to work its “magic”. finally shorting the device out.

Remember, when trying to deal with laptop water damage, the most important thing is to NOT power the system up until your computer has been serviced. Laptop water damage problems frequently occur but it’s important to know how to deal with it before it gets really late. Here is some vital information in case a liquid damaged occurs:

  • Remove all components that are easily detachable – Unplug your mouse and any cables, and remove any flash drives and DVDs
  • Dry the outside of your machine – The type of liquid matters: water is the least corrosive, while sugary and alcoholic liquids are the most harmful. Either way, the goal is to mitigate their effects as much as possible by drying the computer immediately.
  • Once water is spilled on your laptop make sure that you don’t turn it on. It can only be powered on after it has been fully dried up otherwise your laptop will be completely damaged.
  • Turn the laptop upside down (so the liquid goes out the same way it came in), remove the power and battery, and allow it to dry at least overnight.
  • Check the warranty of your laptop. Some manufacturers do provide accidental damage coverage, purchased at the time of the sale.
  • Sometimes, liquid spills can seep down through the keyboard and below, damaging the parts underneath it – including the touchpad, memory, processor, and even the motherboard. Call Neon Computers for full cleanup service.

When water damage occurs, time is your enemy. Sometimes it is just few drops on the keyboard and you may think that you got lucky and it is not a big deal; think again. Laptop keyboards are connected to the device’s motherboard by very thin ribbon cables. Since liquid is an excellent conductor, spills on any keyboard can short circuit the keyboard, causing some of the keys to stop working. The worst part? A laptop keyboard spill can cause much deeper damage than just the keyboard. If the keyboard needs to be replaced, it is best to have a professional handle the work. We will provide you with an estimate before replacing it.

Water Damage Cleanup

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