Problems With The Laptop Battery

We at Neon Computers hope that this is not the case with your laptop, but we ca easily resolve your charging issue by ordering a new battery. Batteries are special order items. With that in mind, the time from ordering to receiving the battery is approximately one week.

When you first purchased your laptop, it could run for hours at a time. Now, you’re lucky if you get an hour out of it. With the Lithium ion batteries found in today’s laptops, total capacity is expected to decline as you discharge and recharge the battery. You can utilize the Windows Mobility Center found in Windows 7 and Windows Vista to make changes to settings that can extend battery life. For instance, you could lower the brightness of your screen, turn off wireless connections that aren’t being used, and change Windows’ power modes to extend battery life.If you can rule out power and heat issues when troubleshooting your laptop, it’ll be much easier to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Laptop Battery Won’t Charge

There is a power regulator fuse, a very small chip (usually 2 of them) on the motherboard, this chip regulates the power to the battery charging circuitry AND the motherboard. One fuse chip is usually close to the battery connector, the other fuse chip very close to the DC Jack. If this chip has been damaged by the broken dc jack, that shorted out, power surged the chip, burned etc, the motherboard will need to be replaced with a new or refurbished one.

Laptop Battery Las Vegas

Look for a light on the laptop that indicates whether or not the battery is being charged. It’s possible the laptop has been plugged into an outlet that’s not functional, so you’ll want to try plugging the power adapter into a different outlet. If the battery appears to be charging, let it sit for 10 minutes to see if the battery just needed some juice. If the laptop still won’t turn on, it’s likely there is a problem with the battery and it needs to be replaced.

How To Test Laptop Adapter / Charger:
Many new laptops have LED indicators that will tell you if the laptop is receiving power. We can check, power test your power adapter cord with a volt meter.

Windows Energy Tip
If you are trying to figure out why your laptop battery is running down so fast, Windows has an internal tool that will help you locate the sources of inefficiencies and leakage. Type cmd in the Start search box to bring up the command line icon, then right-click it and click Run As Administrator. Type powercfg -energy in the command line and press ENTER. The program will scan your system for 60 seconds and produce a report in HTML in your Windows\System32 subfolder called Energyreport. html. Simply use Windows Explorer to highlight the file and review it in a file preview window. You will find a trove of data about the various power settings in your computer and where there may be problems or programs that are pulling down your battery’s longevity.

If your laptop is having trouble starting, try removing some of the external devices connected to the laptop to rule out a short.

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