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Neon Computers offers the most professional and affordable iMac repair at rates lower than other local Las Vegas providers.

iMac Repair Las Vegas

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 Neon Computers is an iMac repair Las Vegas Company that has got an edge over all other local service providers by offering a wide range of iMac repair services that are not just professional but are also the most affordable rates. Among our various services include iMac hard drive replacement, logic board repair, iMac data recovery, power issues, iMac hard drive upgrade, troubleshooting, and memory upgrade. These along with a number of other services are available at our Las Vegas branch.

Although it might not be easy for Windows’ users to get accustomed to the Apple iMac whose design philosophy along with the user experience that it offers is just beyond imagination. With its incredibly functional hardware and the perfectly balanced software, iMac is most certainly an attractive choice for anyone.

 iMac Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade:

In case your current drive is slow, not responsive or clicking, a new hard drive can restore functionality to your iMac. We offer flat fee installation of the new drive and OSX software, as well as the transfer of your data. If your current drive has failed, data recovery options are available at additional cost.

iMac Memory Upgrades:

Maxing out your iMac memory is the best performance boost for your bucks. Adding more memory is fast and simply involves installing the new compatible modules into the memory slots.

iMac Graphics Card Repair or Replacement:

Does the display of your iMac appear distorted, white or blue with vertical lines, or turns black? If yes, this is a classical sign of bad or failing graphics card. Visit our store for free diagnosis and quote.

Three years ago, Apply came up with a new series of iMac featuring Intel Core processors. But the downside of buying those Intel-based machines in 2012 was a number of undiscovered and unsolved problems. While the transition to this new chip should have been smooth, a large number of people have been seen online, discussing the common issues that started to appear with message boards since the iMac’s Intel Core Duo release.

• Video glitches and Graphics card defects

• iMac hard drive issues

• Wireless connection problems

• On Intel chips, some programs doesn’t run at all. The surprising thing is that these programs include Apple’s Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion and Remote desktop

• Programs that don’t run in emulation are Alsoft Disk Warrior, Microsoft Virtual PC, Telestream Flip4Mac and Micromat TechTool.

On the flip side. Compared to the 2011 iMacs, 2012 iMacs, with more attractive features added, are more elegant and are better termed as the best iMacs ever. The upgraded USB 3.0 is not only ten times faster than the previous USB 2.0. Moreover, it’s compelling aesthetics, faster processors and video, clear and sharp screen as well as its incredible performance is on par with MacPro. However, unlike MacPro, the performance of iMacs can be only expanded within limits.

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