Install Graphics Card Explained

Once you’ve selected your new graphics card, installing it yourself is relatively painless. Simply follow these instructions in order, and you’ll be pleasing your peepers in no time or visit Las Vegas computer repair.

Uninstall drivers

The first step is to uninstall the existing graphics driver. To do this in Windows 7, click Start, Control Panel (in Category view), and then click Uninstall A Program from the Programs category. If you see ATI Catalyst Install Manager or Nvidia Drivers, click the item, click Change or Uninstall/ Change from the top of the window, and then follow the instructions. When complete, the system will restart. Next, shut the system down completely. Turn off the power supply where the power cable attaches to the PC and remove the case side panel. Make sure to touch the metal portion of the case frame to dissipate any static electricity and unplug the power cord from the PSU. Also remove the monitor cable, audio cables, USB cables, and any other peripheral attached to the PC.

Out with the old

With your PC shut down and disconnected from the mains power, you can now go about the task of removing your old graphics card (if there is one). Typically, the graphics card will occupy the topmost area of the motherboard’s expansion slots. If your monitor plugged directly into the motherboard, then chances are you were running integrated graphics and have nothing to remove. If the monitor cable was connected to an expansion card, then this is most likely your existing graphics card; remove the screw(s) holding the bracket to the rear case panel, disconnect the one or two auxiliary power connector(s) from the old graphics card if there are any, unlatch the PCI-E (or AGP, as the case may be) slot’s locking mechanism, and then gently lift the card straight out of the slot.

In with the new

If necessary, use a can of compressed air to ensure the graphics slot is clear of dust and then carefully slide your new graphics card into the topmost available graphics slot. Secure it with one or two screws and connect any auxiliary power connectors as necessary. Replace and secure the PC case panel, connect the power cord to your computer and to the mains power, reconnect your peripherals, and ensure your monitor cable is connected to the appropriate port on the back panel of the new graphics card. Next, turn the PC back on.

Install the driver

While any graphics card you buy at retail is going to ship with a driver disc, we recommend downloading the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer’s Web site. You can find these on the AMD or Nvidia Web site. If you bought an AMD graphics card, visit, click Support & Drive from the top-right corner of the page, choose Desktop Graphics from the Component Category drop-down box, and select the appropriate options for the Product Line, Product Model, and Operating System. Then click View Results. Click Download and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation. Your monitor may go dark momentarily during the installation, and you may also need to restart your PC when the installation is complete. If you bought an Nvidia graphics card, visit, select your region (if necessary), and click Download Drivers from the top-left corner of the screen. Fill out the Product Type (GeForce), Product Series, Product, Operating System, and Language fields as needed and then click Search. Click Download and then follow the on-screen instructions. Here, too, your monitor may go dark momentarily, and you may also need to restart your PC when the installation has been completed. Computer repair in Las Vegas – To make sure the new graphics card is pulling its weight, you can right-click anywhere on the Desktop, and if you see Nvidia Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center as options, then your new graphics card and driver are functioning properly. Select the NCP or CCC to tweak your graphics card, adjust resolution, change multi-monitor settings, and more.


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