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How does the water damage electronics? Does it cause shorts on the internal circuits or physically get in it? The bad stuff happens if the circuit is powered up while being submerged. Also, immersion for extended periods in water that is dirty, or excessively acidic or alkaline. If equipment is not dried out right away, mold will easily grow inside the part. Acid and other materials in water can cause a reaction with the materials present on the electronic elements. This reaction will often cause the delicate electronic pieces to corrode.

Motherboard Liquid Damage

In any situation involving the submersion or splashing of an electronic device in any liquid, the first step is to disconnect any power source as soon as this is safely possible.

  1. Pay attention to your personal safety first! Use caution when disconnecting any device from household current or any other source. If you are standing in water or your clothes are wet please remove yourself from any potential shock hazard before even thinking about retrieving a submerged or soaked electronic device.
  2. If the electronic device is still submerged and is connected to an external power source, find a safe way to disconnect it. If possible find a circuit breaker or switch for that source of power. Use caution if you choose to remove a plug or power adapter from an outlet that has not been switched off.
  3. Retrieving a submerged or soaked electronic device that contains a battery presents its own dangers. A shorted battery may be a fire and/or chemical hazard. If you see or feel any heat, smoke, steam, bubbling, bulging, or melting avoid handling the electronic device.
  4. If the device is still on, turn it off.
  5. Rotate and shake the device to try to let any fluid drain out.
  6. If possible, remove the battery.
  7. If possible, disassemble the device to allow any remaining liquid to drain and to begin cleaning the internal components. This is particularly important with acidic liquids such as fruit juice or alkaline liquids such as laundry water.
  8. If you are not confident about disassembling your device you can attempt drying it by burying it in a container of uncooked rice for several days. Disassembling and cleaning the device is always the best way to prevent corrosion, but if the device was not submerged this drying may in some cases be enough to prevent further damage.
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