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One of the biggest complaints customers have about calling the manufacturer for their Dell computer repairs is the excessive amount of time and energy spent troubleshooting over the phone. Stop wasting your time and get your Dell computer issue resolved today.

Dell Repair Las Vegas

Overheating, Slow Computer, Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Freezing and BSOD Errors, DC Jack Repair, Laptop Screen Repair, Water Damage, Networking Issues


Buying a Dell laptop is a good investment, taking appropriate care of it is a healthy practice, if out of order having it properly fixed from skilled professionals who know there job and have high experience of finding and solving Dell problems in less time and suitable money is your responsibility. Electronics and gadgets do face problems eventually and when it comes to fixing it Neon Computers with its experience and knowledge is simply the best in town. The first step in repairing any laptop is troubleshooting problem. Customers often complain that excessive amount of time and energy is spent in troubleshooting the problem over phone with Dell manufacturers. Stop wasting time and get your Dell issue resolved today. We only use high quality parts and our qualified technicians know your Dell better. All models All makes and All problems are solved under one roof. If it is a frayed wire, burned battery, bad connector on the power cord, dead LCD, slow speed, noisy hard drive, broken parts, adapter failure, out of order drives or software issues we provide what you need. Our Aim is to guarantee your satisfaction and return your Dell in best possible condition. Slow Computer, Virus Removal, Data Recovery, DC Jack Repair Laptop Screen Repair, Water Damage, Network Support are to name a few of the problems we cater.

Replacing a laptop requires hundreds of dollars while fixing it remains the best solution it is advisable to get it fixed from Neon Computers as our one time fixing will last longer than repair of ordinary companies. We do not want you to get stuck in a series of problems that will cripple your laptop one after another so we provide a thorough diagnosis and best repair.

Ease of use and adaptability are dominant themes with the Inspiron all-in-one, which grants users the means to use such software as the following:

• TouchCam, StickyNotes, and Cyberlink YouPaint to edit and upload photos to social networking sites, write and type notes and messages, and play touch-based games on the system’s touchscreen.

• Dell Stage Remote to use a Dell smartphone or tablet as remote control for the Inspiron all-in-one.

• SyncUP powered by Nero to exchange photos, music, and documents among supported devices on the same Wi-Fi network or via a SyncUP online cloud computing storage account.

With Dell’s new generation of Inspiron R laptops, you’ll get new features and improved stated performance such as:

• 19% faster multitasking, 2.3 times faster graphics, 4.6 times faster HD video transfers to portable devices, and 4.5 times faster HD video uploads to YouTube than previously.

• Dell Stage Software to effortlessly move among your music, videos, photos, and apps via a movie reel-like user interface.

• The choice of more than 20 interchangeable laptop lids that are “pop, click, switch” easy to swap out.


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