Laptop DC Jack and Power Repair Service

In many cases your laptop can be repaired – it worked until you battery was holding charge and now it just won’t charge or turn on. If you are having problems charging your laptop, or if your computer no longer works even when it is plugged into the wall – it could be a power jack problem. It sounds silly, but first you’ll want to ensure that the power cord/adapter is securely connected to the laptop, and also try using different power outlet before you come for DC jack repair.

How & Why The DC Jack Breaks:

Overtime, even under normal conditions the soldered power connections can loosen, separate off the laptops motherboard. The laptops DC Power Jack is a very common breakdown unfortunately on laptops. A known weak spot on laptops & notebooks.

The dc jack on your laptop is a very small, very fragile component, and very poorly designed on every Windows based laptop. Small, fragile but critical component,, for without it you have no power via the power charger cord, which means your battery will not charge…. dead non functioning laptop.

The DC Power Jack on a laptops & notebooks are not designed to take a lot of abuse. If the cord is allowed to place a lot of lateral pressure on the jack, then eventually the jack will fail. Any lateral, angular or any torque will eventually damaged the internal power connection. The DC Jack is soldered to the motherboard by 3 -9 very small pieces of metal. Which can very easily break.

Signs Of A Bad Laptop DC Jack:

  • Battery not charging?
  • Intermittent charging indicator in system tray when plugged in?
  • Internal DC Jack feel real loose in laptop?
  • Does the laptops internal power connector move in all directions when you move the cord & plug?
  • Does the laptop power cord work only, or sometimes when “wiggling”, or holding the plug in a certain position?
  • Sparks out the back of laptop near the DC Jack area.
  • No power lights at all? No power up?

The motherboards on laptops & desktops systems is a very sensitive piece of electronics. Static electricity alone can short a motherboard out. Operating a laptop with a bad DC Jack, intermittent power is not recommended, for this can cause further damage to the laptops motherboard circuitry. The time to get this checked and fixed is when you first start noticing erratic power, intermittent battery charging cycle when laptop is plugged in. 95% of the time the DC Jack can be repaired or replaced and your laptop is back up working again. It all depends if the damage is only to the DC Power Jack. If the DC Jack has also damaged the motherboard (cracked the PCB where the jack mounts to it), then the entire motherboard will need to be replaced.

DC Jack RepairHave you had to wiggle your laptop power cord to get it to charge? Call Neon Computer, your Las Vegas computer repair store, to bring your laptop back to life!

Laptop DC Jack Repair

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Over time, repeated wear and tear can damage a power jack and cause the jack to pull off the motherboard. Laptop DC Jack Repair Las Vegas done right!

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DC Jack Repair
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