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Computers are requirement of every age group. There is no general consensus regarding at what age to buy your kids their first laptop just like there is no disagreement about the importance of a laptop in college life. The hectic routine of lecture, assignments, presentations and assessments need hot foamy cups of coffee and a personal computer. That makes buying a computer for college an important investment, it should be chosen wisely because it’s a companion for the entire college life. Make a list of all things you want and always dreamed of having in your laptop; quad core processor, graphic processor and touchscreen then crush the list and throw it out and go for what you will need from your laptop in your education.

Extensive Battery Life: The advantage of laptop lies in its mobility constant need to plug it for charging converts it into desktop. Long battery life not only ensures better life of laptop but it also makes it easier to work for longer hours without interruption especially when student is on campus working for the entire day.

Hard Drive: You will need a laptop with good hard drive as you will need to store all the files, notes and videos in it. Normally 200 to 250 GB hard drive proves to be sufficient but some might require more space so they should choose according to their academic needs. External hard drive is also advisable for portability and backup purposes.

Size Does Matter: Offices allow chair and desk to place laptop neatly but for college students laptop is used literally to its name and is found mostly on lap. It also needs to be carried around classes along with books which can be difficult if it weighs more than 5 pounds. Having a proper bag which is easy to shoulders is also important.

Keyboard and Screen Size: Keyboard should have big easy keys and backlit if possible, the smoother the keyboard the better relationship with your laptop. Go for a good sized key board so you can type easily on it without errors. Same goes with screen size large screen means more option for multitasking. Normal screen sizes are 13 to 15 inch but students with subjects like photography, graphic design, multimedia and film making will require 17 inch screen to work.

Long Term Investment: Keep your purchase into your budget but also make it worth all the money. It’s better to have a good quality laptop even if it is slightly expensive that will last longer than the one who sucks up more money on repair. Purchasing extended warranty can be helpful if it covers all the computer repairs.

Optical CD and DVD drives: Laptop has big advantage over notebooks as they offer CD and DVD drives. Many college books come in CDs and they are also source of many software installations. Other than that multiple USB ports can be a cool option and will assist in multi taking as they will connect to printers, hard drives, cameras and IPod at the same time.

Academic investment is a good thing but one can go for web cam, wireless and attractive design without compromising other features. College, Cappuccino and Computer!

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