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Neon Computers can perform reliable data recovery, disaster recovery and file recovery services due to; Hardware Failures, Human Errors, Power Related Problems, Water Damage, Software Corruption, Virus & Malware Damage and more.

What are the chances of a PC disaster?

The top four causes of data loss are disk crashes, viruses, accidental deletions, and equipment loss or theft. How likely is it that your business will lose data? Its certainly not a rarity, so it’s best to have a plan in place to mitigate that risk. Approximately 10 to 15% of customers with online backup services end up restoring data each year. With the odds about one in eight that you’ll experience some sort of data loss in the near future, it’s a good idea to invest in a reliable backup strategy as soon as possible.

Disaster Recovery Prevention

Data protection is simple: take everything and copy it somewhere far away so that it’s ready in the event of a disaster! Your hard drive is where all of the data, documents, pictures, music, and other files, including Windows or another operating system is stored. Is your hard drive making strange clunking, grinding or whirring sounds that it never made before? If yes, it’s not a question of ‘if’ your hard drive is going to crash — the question really is ‘when’, because every hard drive will eventually fail.

Using Disk Imaging Software!

Imaging copies all of that to a single, very large file on another drive. You can then restore the image back onto the existing drive or onto a new one.

Laptop computer users need to be especially careful. Laptop hard drives have a very high rate of failure, due to the mobility of the laptops; hard drives do not like to be bumped or dropped around.

Local and offsite backup!

With local onsite backup, you can use data recovery and backup software to back up the key files from your PC to an external hard drive, NAS (network-attached storage) device, or a storage server. Typically, you’ll want to set up your data recovery software so that it automatically transfers the critical files to your backup location on a regular basis. Data recovery utilities let you decide which folders are backed up and how often. If you have critical files that you simply can’t afford to lose, it’s a good idea to back up on a regular basis to a cloud storage provider. Just imagine what would happen to your data if the building burns down or floods, or if someone breaks in and steals your equipment.

The Warning Signs of Hard Drive Failure:

  • The drive is running extremely slowly
  • Clicking, whirring, and other physical noise
  • Repeated, regular tapping, grinding or beeping
  • Hard disk is silent for a long period after you request data by opening a file or folder
  • Hard drive grinds away constantly because of noisy bearings

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When you hear strange noises coming from your hard drive, it may be too late already. A repetitive sound also known as the click of death is caused by the head as it is trying to write data and recovers from errors in doing so. Grinding or screeching noises indicate that parts of the hardware, for example the bearings or spindle motor, are failing.

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I lost my hard drive and called every computer company in town including Geek Squad, they all wanted $$$$ to try with no guarantee that anything would be recovered! Neon Computers got 80% of my info back in 2 days and charged less than $250. Thanks you saved my life!
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