Seven Best Laptop Practices

Laptop is not just a machine equipped with connectivity, storage and competence with constant use it becomes more than an investment. It shares you memories with you when you save your photos and videos in it. It becomes your companion due to all the assistance it gives and it turns into an entertainer when it brightens your day with its glowing LCD screen. The laptop is not a cheap product but it does not stop people from spilling drinks, instant noodles on it or dropping it on the floor that may lead to a costly computer repair . A man took extra care of his laptop and stored it in oven to keep it safe from burglars unfortunately his wife came home early and started cooking. Following are some top tips for ensuring long life of laptops.

Place it on Hard Surfaces: Soft surfaces like bed or cushions block ventilation holes at the bottom of the laptop as a result laptop cannot breathe air for cooling. This suffocation results in high temperature inside the laptop and reduces laptop’s life. The dirt on bed can also be sucked up in the laptop and can block the fan.

Active Antivirus: Precaution is always better then correction. Antivirus software can be easily downloaded and they help like white blood cells for laptop increasing its natural defense against viruses that can corrupt the computer and deform its functioning.

Keep Food Away From Laptops: It is visible in many cases that people do not want to be separated from their laptops. They work with them, sleep with them and eat with them. But this eating and drinking with laptop can decrease your overall relation with your laptop because one coffee spill on desktop requires generic replacement and spill on keyboard can ruin motherboard. In result of eating over it crumbs can go down the keys and invite insects inside laptop. It also damage circuitry and makes it look filthy.

Lift Laptop by base: It is suitable to lift and hold laptops from base rather than screen or from the middle part because direct pressure can lead to scratches.

Temperature aware: Extreme temperature or frequent change in temperature can be harmful for laptops. When enter indoor from an open space in winters let the laptop cool down to room temperature to protect disk drive from condensation. Also avoid direct heat from sunlight.

Battery Conscious: Nothing can move a lazy person faster than the battery low warning of laptop. Battery is the most common and frequent problem of laptops. Lithium batteries wear out no matter what but with care the harm can be postponed. Do not keep your laptop on charge all time nor avoid the battery low sign as it will result in sudden shut down. Drain laptop charger at least once a month.

Use Laptop Bag: Proper laptop case is very important. It keeps it secure and protected from all the menace traveling can bring.

Taking care of things around you is a responsibility and handling with care shows your respect towards facilities in life.

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