Five Tips For Prolonging Laptop Battery Life

Laptops! Very useful devices which make it possible for you to do your personal computing anywhere in the world and anytime. However, it actually comes with a price attached to it. It is quite evident that your unplugged usage of laptop is seriously restricted by the life of it and most importantly its battery unless you do not have the handy wall socket nearby. A normal laptop battery hardly gives you more than an hour to use if you are listening to tunes, if you are watching movies or even if playing games on it. These activities drain your battery like in minutes. Most of the people have overcome this shortcoming of battery life of their laptops by purchasing the extra batteries and more precisely the external power sources. However, these are always the pricey options which can eat up your budgets. A number of simple ways you can utilize to improve your laptop batteries so that you may have more running time.

1. Use the Power Management Options:

There is a power management option in Windows, which is also known as Power Options. It is a great way to drain less battery power and add more time to your running time between charges doses. These power options provide you the ultimate ability to control all of your hardware activities. Moreover it sets sleep and hybrid sleep options as well for you and take very advanced measures overcome power shortage issues. Vista is the new windows OS and it gives you much more control over how your laptop battery will be used than its old Windows OS. On contrary the old Windows XP also provides you the comprehensive and easy ways to save battery power of your laptop.

2. Files remove all USB devices:

Yes! The truth with USB devices is that USB storage devices drain your laptop battery. USB storage devices, a USB mouse and even if you use a wireless adapter your laptop requires a large amount of your battery to remain active and run your programs. In order to use your battery for longer, remove all unused USB devices from your Laptop.

3. Keep your DVD/CD player empty:

Listening songs from CD player or watching DVD is basically one of the major cause of laptop battery drainage. Plenty of mechanical processes occur to spin the disk in your CD/DVD drive and to keep these drives empty by copying the movies and songs to your hard drive you can make your laptop battery life really long.

4. Turn off Your Wireless Adapter:

There is a built in wireless adapter which is really a handy piece of hardware and as a common rule of thumb all your laptop hardware needs battery power. To maintain your battery the wireless adapter should be turned off when you do not use it. If in case the wireless adapter can’t be turned off easily or you can’t do it with a physical button just simply use the Power Options.

5. Simply Increase Your RAM:

All we know that the Ram in our Laptops acts as temporary storage for data. This consumes a great part of your computer, CPU and hard disk as well. The increased Ram makes it quite easy and possible to use less processing power and it also reduces the need to constantly read data off your hard disk. Which in actual reduces the amount of battery power consumed.

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